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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 14, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i am chris wallace. i will see you this weekend on "fox news sunday." more news is on the way. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> captioned by the national captioning institute shepard the health-care battle. a hero laid to rest. michael vick returns to football. squeaky fromme's return to freedom. on the one cable news hour with no pundits, this is the "fox report." president obama takes his health care message to montana. remember, there was little drama during his last health care town hall. this time, he is in historical republican territory and people might have hard questions. >> why is it that you change your strategy? >> how can we be assured? >> what would happen? >> you cannot tell us how you will pay for it. shepard: how well did the
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president do at convincing critics? the president did hear from a least a couple of as critics today. he took questions for half an hour in montana, don't you know? the crowd was expected to be tougher than the last town hall in new hampshire. montana has gone republican in nine of the last 10 presidential elections. that area is a bit more purple and the questions were not very hard-hitting until one man identified himself as a proud member of the national rifle association. he wanted to know how we are going to cover the cost of all of this. >> you cannot tell us how you will pay for this. you are saving here, over there, take a little money here, but you have no money. the only way you will get the money is to raise taxes. you said you would not. shepard: president obama
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responded it is true. you cannot cover all the uninsured in america for three. he reiterated its promise to completely avoid raising taxes on those who earn less than 1/4 of a million dollars per year. the president has an answer. >> 2/3 of the money we can obtain just by eliminating waste and inefficiencies. the congressional budget office agreed with that, which is not something i am making up. republicans do not dispute it. the other 1/3 we would have to find additional revenue, but it would not come on the backs of the middle-class. shepard: the president said he appreciated the question and "the respectful way in which the man asked it." a nod to the reality that the meetings have become difficult
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at times. major garrett, there has been talk that things might get a little more rowdy. >> the audience here was first- come, first-served, unlike in new hampshire, which was by lottery. some people slept out overnight to make sure they got into the auditorium. the town is just outside of a big city in montana. the state has been trending democratic of late. the questions the president got were on the report -- were on legitimate topics. will you be able to keep your own private insurance? the president tried to address all of those questions. it was a slightly more skeptical crowd in new hampshire. when people deal with the president face to face, they are always respectful and usually differential -- deferential. shepard: one option was a
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public, government-run area. he said the money would come from the people who take part in the public auction. >> the president did not start his definition of what would constitute comprehensive health- care reform by putting a public auction in there. he said it is on the table. it would not necessarily crowd out private insurance, which is a concern that many have about the public auction. he also said it would not be subsidized forever by taxpayers. if that is the case, some of those concerns about crowding out private insurance might diminish. shepard: people have been saying they are getting unsolicited e- mails about health care from the white house and you heard new things about that today? >> not as much as i would like to. robert gibbs set a standard that the briefing. if i were to try the e-mails to him or the white house, he would look into it. i have told them i have
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permission of people to give e- mails to him and find out how the names appeared on the list and he has not responded. i have talked to people whose names are on the list and they say the e-mails were not forwarded for -- forwarded to them. in many cases, they did not ask for communication. in some cases, they never accessed the white house website. today, we filed an information request about this matter. shepard: major garrett at a beautiful time of the day at the white house. if you have received unsolicited e-mails from the white house, we want to know about it. go to the death panels might now be killed. the iowa republican charles grassley is a major -- major
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player in the reform talks. he said the senate has removed the end of life care from consideration. the provisions are meant to make sure medicare covers the cost of people who want to talk to doctors about living wills or if you have a relative that is terminal. right now, you have to pay for it in many cases. in this circumstance, the government would of paid. not anymore. the senate dropped them because of the way they could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly. arlen specter says, come on. >> the proposal to give counseling on advanced directives, living wills, is as pure as ivory snow. nobody should decide what kind of medical care they will get in the last few days of their life. shepard: critics that represented and of life counseling as a way to stop caring for of the elderly when it gets expensive. the administration insists that
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would never happen. they have called it "pulling the plug on grand opera "there's nothing in the legislation to indicate that is what would happen. sarah palin has argued these sections could pressure the elderly to except minimal care. the debate has exploded. caroline shively is tracking that. the senators are really going at it today. >> they are going after each other on twitter. take a look at this. this one is from senator specter. grassley stepped it up a notch, saying -- specter took a more senatorial
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tone. here is where it got started today at a forum by netroots nation. he was disputing the comment that the country does not need government programs. a few people said, called grassley now. specter responded, join me backstage and watch me dial. they seem to be getting the message across. shepard: caroline shively live tonight. thanks. we are getting details about what went on inside the air traffic control tower in the moment before that mid-air collision between a helicopter and a small plane, the one last week over the hudson river across from new jersey. the feds have placed on leave the air traffic controller and the supervisor. we now know why. after investigators cleared the -- after they cleared the small
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plane for take off, the controller made a personal phone call and remained on that phone call while continuing to instruct the pilot. he told the pilot, contact newark liberty international airport, but the pilot never did. the controller was still on the phone as radar showed several aircraft ahead. the air traffic controller failed to warn the pilot. it was then that controllers at the airport alerted teeterborough. the plane slammed into the helicopter. all nine people were killed on the aircraft. one of the nation's largest banks has just collapsed. it could have a ripple effect across this nation. the new details are just coming in.
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shepard: he has been a falcon, then a jailbird, now a free bird. michael vick has landed in philadelphia. he returned to the league after serving 18 months for bankrolling a dog fighting ring. he even thought his own dogs. the eagles have signed the quarterback weeks after he completed his entire sentence and the n.f.l. commissioner lifted his suspension from the leak. today, michael vick spoke about second chances and second thought. >> as we all know, i made some mistakes in the past. i did some terrible things and i
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made a horrible mistake. i want to be part of the solution and not the problem. i know playing in the nfl is a privilege and not the right. i will do whatever is necessary and be the best ambassador for the nfl in the community. shepard: somebody has a good coach. the 29-year-old has been out of football since 2006. a jury convicted michael vick for his role in the electrocution, drowning, hanging, and shooting of dogs. peta wants the league to add cruelty to animals to his personal conduct policy. rick folbaum is here. how did it go down today? >> it is impossible to defend what michael vick did off the football field. nobody tried to do that today. michael vick knows this is his only shot at the second shot. the owner of the eagles and said
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that this is a very difficult decision for him. tony done she has become a mentor and spiritual guide. >> when he got to the nfl, that was one of the mistakes made. he felt he did not lead -- did not need the lord anymore. with some of the things that happened, he felt like he needed to turn back. that is when i really felt that this young man was going in the right direction. >> dungy said he turned back toward the lord. the eagles have his seal of approval. shepard: fans are probably speaking out today. what is the word? >> i am a lifelong fan and we are torn about this. some people are putting tickets up for sale on ebay. this is not about helping michael vick have a second chance. this is about football.
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the eagles never won a super bowl and the team thinks he might help deliver one. if he does, some say all will be forgiven. >> we will never be able to forget about it. if he does well, philadelphia fans forget really well if you bring up a winner. >>shepard: we have eli manning d we will be fine. i wonder about the terms of the deal. >> it is a one-year deal with a second-year option. the second year, if the eagles picked him up, they would pay him $5.2 million. his first game will be against the jaguars, august 27, in philadelphia. it is up to the n.f.l. commissioner. vick sit out no more than the first six games of the regular season. nothing is keeping him from
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being reinstated for the first week's game in carolina. do not be surprised if michael vick is on the field. shepard: the blue birds will be out in carolina. thank you. as i mentioned, brand new developments. word of a major bank failure, one of the largest in the history of this nation. the feds say it is this bank. they took control of colonial bank and are handing its branches over to branch banking and trust, better known as bb &t. colonial has more than 550 branches. rich is just down the block from the capital. this is the biggest bank failure of the year and it ranks with some of the biggest of all time. did people see this coming? >> people started to see it coming, especially when you consider the business was in mortgage lending.
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it is the biggest of 74 failures this year and it cracked the top five of all time. washington mutual is the biggest failure, eight times the size of continental at number two. indymac failed last year. first republic and american fell during the savings-and-loan crisis. shepard: all of these will reopen tomorrow. how is this going to work for the customers of colonial? >> the fdic has been doing this for more than 75 years. the transition can be smooth for customers. when the branches open tomorrow, deposits will be with bb &t. colonial customers can keep using the same atm's and make loan payments and they have done before. shepard: this failure could really impact the housing market. it is a little complex. colonial is a "warehouse lender." that means it gives a short term
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loans to independent bankers who then provide loans for homeowners. colonial is the last major financial company providing the service. >> colonial's failure is the continuing fallout from that mortgage investment. the recession hurt the market. mortgage lending is further tightening in makes it difficult for people looking to buy a home. >shepard: she was convicted of trying to assassinate a former united states president. tonight, she is out. why officials cut short the sentence of a former charles manson follower. we will give you the details coming up. [ male announcer ] colorful, original.
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shepard: she was convicted of trying to assassinate president ford and she has now walked out of prison. a spokeswoman for the federal hospital prison in fort worth says lynette "squeaky" fromme left the facility today. secret service agents tackled her in sacramento in september of 1975 when she pointed a pistol at the sitting president. she was granted parole from a life sentence in exchange for her behavior. squeaky fromme was a follower of charles manson, who is serving a life term of his own for a series of nine murders in the 1960's. investigators never implicated fromme. wealthy foreigners are taking advantage of the weakened u.s. economy. here is how it works. the u.s. citizens by real estate
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or invest in business and they get a pay off, a green card. they get a fast track to citizenship. they call it an investor visa and it is one of the quick ways to gain american citizenship, which can otherwise take up to a decade or more. phil keating is live in our sow for the news room. could this help boost the economy? >> without a doubt. those familiar say it is an outstanding way to get capital investments in our economy and create jobs. the trade-off is, let's wait time for the green card. in miami, a bakery makes and sells breads and pastries of all varieties and the owner came here from venezuela on an investor visa. he created jobs and in four years, he got his green card, which can often take 12 years or more. that is how the program works. a wealthy former in bests at
7:25 pm
minimum $1 million, and then creates jobs that last. in return, they are fast track to resident status. in south florida, the interest in the best of these as is double now what it was last year, mainly from people in south america and europe. prices in florida are low for properties and it is a fire sale down here with the deals to be had for anyone with a lot of money. >> it is sensible because it encourages foreign investors to invest in the u.s. and create jobs. obviously, at this time, that is an important thing. >> u.s. customs and immigration offers 10,000 of these visas every year. historically, only 1000 are issued. the program is not widely known. a lot of times, foreigners are hesitant because the program has never been permanent.
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congress right now is being lobbied to make it so. shepard: phil keating, thank you. it has become the most heated debate in the nation. what to do about health care reform? we might be able to learn something from a city in colorado. hundreds of thousands of people packed their car and started making their way to a concert years ago. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in.
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join me and over a million people who trust liberty medical. shepard: i am shepard smith. you are on "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama getting ready for another town hall meeting tomorrow, one day after he talked in montana. that is an interesting choice, grand junction, colorado, because they have a unique health-care system that seems to work better than most. alicia, what about it? >> it is more efficient. it costs less. it is among the best in the nation for quality. grand junction as four hours west of denver and a little less
7:31 pm
than half the population of 55,000 belong to a super hmo. almost every doctor in town as a member. grand junction has one of the lowest rehospitalization rates. people spend 1/3 less of the time in the hospital. part of that comes from their transitional care. nurses go to homes after hospital stays and watch for little things that, if ignored, become far worse. >> the most expensive care of all is in the hospital. far and away, the most expensive care is delayed care. if you have to get sicker and sicker at home until you want death's door before you are rushed to the hospital, there's $20,000 that did not need to be spent right now. >> they do other things.
7:32 pm
an asthma patients, the nurse will go into the home and if they see it is dusytty, they wil have someone clean it up. it is fewer visits to the doctor's office. doctors told us that when you take the profit equation out of the relationship, the quality of care goes up. shepard: thanks. 18 years ago, he became the first casualty of the first gulf war. today, the navy pilot scott spiker was laid to rest. thousands lined the streets of jacksonville to salute the fallen hero. he had been missing since his plane was shot down over iraq. his fate was unknown until two weeks ago. the pentagon then said they possibly headed by his remains. the motorcade passed by the veterans' war memorial. it also passed by his school and church.
7:33 pm
the funeral service for scott spiker, a private affair for family and close friends. hundreds gathered to say goodbye to eunice kennedy shriver. she was a powerhouse in her own right and died tuesday at 88. she founded the special olympics and spent decades working to help people with disabilities. among the invited guests, joe biden, oprah winfrey, and stevie wonder. maria shriver eulogize term mother as a passionate humanitarian. she was sister to the late president john f. kennedy and the late senator robert kennedy. her surviving brother, ted kennedy, is battling brain cancer and was not in attendance. michael phelps making news again. the gold medalist was involved in a car crash in baltimore. it was not his fault, but they are citing him for driving without a license on him. he presented an expired michigan
7:34 pm
driver's license even though he lives in maryland. another driver crashed into his vehicle after that driver ran a red light. phelps was not hurt. the other woman was taken to hospital. phelps was not under the influence of anything. you might recall he pleaded guilty to drunken driving in 2004 and was sentenced to probation. we are tracking h1n1. the race to make a vaccine available soon. a third drug maker is testing its vaccine in humans. the company will run clinical trials in europe and canada, plus the u.s., with results expected next month. health officials have said they hope to begin vaccinating the public by the middle of october. the number of h1n1 cases in the u.s. keeps rising. the latest numbers, 477 deaths
7:35 pm
in more than 75 hunt -- and more than 7500 hospitalizations. they will get worse this fall. members of the military are among those most at risk. think of it. thousands of soldiers housed in tight quarters should be ideal conditions for the rapid spread of contagious virus. >> soldiers are preparing to battle an enemy within. for jackson, the largest basic training post, also has the largest number of confirmed h1n1 cases, 187 since april. >> it is important that you stay as healthy as possible. >> they are drilling drill sergeants on how to spot flu symptoms in recruits, who are sometimes reluctant to call in sick. >> a lot of them wait until the last minute. >> the department of defense issued guidelines. they affect every aspect of
7:36 pm
life, including the way soldiers sleep. >> some of the preventive measures they are doing, they're sleeping head to toe, the distance between the beds is more than 3 feet. >> that prevents soldiers from coughing on one another. the guidelines emphasize frequent cleaning. >> we have the soldiers sprayed lysol. >> officials are confident current safeguards, along with the vaccine, will help protect those who protect america. at fort jackson in south carolina, jonathan serrie. shepard: if you remember the 1960's, you were not really there. it is a cliche. many will remember the legendary event that helped inspire that same. tomorrow marks 40 years to the day since woodstock. hundreds of thousands flocked to new york state for three days of peace and music.
7:37 pm
the music festival that some many others have tried. rick leventhal is up in new york not far from where it all went down. >> not enough food or water or bathrooms, but plenty of other stuff to keep people happy. it happened right here on roughly 1,000 acres. the crowds were already gathering 40 years ago tonight. three days of peace and music. woodstock became the signature of a generation. august 15, 1969, half a million people flocked to the dairy farm 80 miles outside new york city, crushing fences and killing fields, forcing organizers to make it free. the original site is preserved today. the new amphitheater has been built at the museum celebrates the spirit of the era. >> i think the days of people blindly following their leaders
7:38 pm
are over. that is a legacy of the 1960's. >> richie havens opened the show and is back. this man remembers some of the sex and drugs. he now works here as a tour guide, sharing his philosophy of how one concert change the world. >> everybody left with woodstock seeds in their pocket and they were starting to sprout when they went home. >> a number of artists who were here for the original show will perform a tribute concert, including jefferson starship, mountain, and others. unlike the first time, this show is not free and it is sold out. shepard: thank you very much. you have heard the claims the recession is winding down. do the numbers back that up?
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shepard: the cargo ship that went missing is missing no law -- no more. authorities have located the arctic sea off the west coast of africa. tonight, no word on the condition of the 15 crew members who were supposed to be on board. we have been reporting on this about how the crew reported what appeared to be a pirate attack off the coast of sweden and how the ship continued on its way through the busy english channel before it just disappeared in the atlantic.
7:43 pm
it was scheduled to arrive last week in algeria. that never happened. there is word it has been spotted near cape verde. russian leaders have ordered the navy to pursue that ship. it was supposed to be hauling $2 million worth of timber, but no one really believes that anymore. they are thinking it was mumbling something, secret cargo, either weapons or cocaine. back home, mixed news on the economy. a new report shows that as we kept a grip on our wallets last month, when we did spend, we spent the same amount as the month before. inflation was flat. the labor apartments as consumer prices did not change from june to july and that is thanks to a drop in energy prices. it take up the cost of food and energy, and the so-called core inflation was up. 1%, what they expected. here is where the mixed news
7:44 pm
comes in. americans are feeling less confident about the economy. that rattled some on wall street and led to a sell-off. the dow was down more than 100 for a while. it was the first losing week for wall street in more than a month. the dow was down 77. the nasdaq was down 24 in the s&p was down nine. we are seeing mixed news these days, a lot of kids -- a lot of confusing reports. the biggest measure of the economy continues to fall. take a look at the quarterly change in the gross domestic product. that is the total output of all goods and services produced in the u.s. those red bars show that gdp has fallen four straight quarters. wendell goler, we are starting to see some optimism in dc >> the president says we have stepped back from the brink. he will not be satisfied until
7:45 pm
everyone who wants a job has one. some think it will take longer than he expects, certainly longer than he wants, for that. >> i think this will be a slow wan long recovery. we do not have anything that will lead us out of the recession. consumers are spent up. >> the cash for clunkers program lifted industrial production in july. gm and chrysler reopened some plants. the big three are not likely to lead a rebound in manufacturing jobs. >> automakers are utilizing 40% of their capacity. sales, we cannot expect them to rebound enough for them to utilize that capacity. >> the consumer spending that got us out of the last two recessions might have contributed to the current downturn. >> over the last decade, we live beyond our means thanks to the readily available debt that was out there at low interest rates. we are seeing a form of payback. >> president obama is building a
7:46 pm
new, more durable economy. >> we cannot afford to return to an economy based on maxed out credit cards. >> economists say he has maxed out the national credit card with $1 trillion deficit. one economist says the slow recovery could be better in the long term, but a slow recovery with low job creation could be political poison. a few elected officials have the stomach for it. shepard: when you football fans go to the stadium on sunday for beer, hot dogs, and first downs, when the new stadium makes its debut, people will get a taste of contemporary art. the $1 billion stadium for the cowboys will feature 14 pieces from sculptures over the entrances to abstract paintings over the concession stands. the owner of the cowboys and his
7:47 pm
wife paid for the artwork. try to catch the spirit of the game. >> i think they wanted to make this a lot like our games, exciting, powerful, and strong. we hope our building exudes that. shepard: husbands in texas will have an easier time convincing whites that throwing a touchdown is a work of art, or something. go to a scroll down to the slide show in the middle of the page. that is that who has the right to decide your salary? the shareholders? the government? we are hours away from the deadline for some bail out companies to reveal how much they plan to pay their top people. the feds will get the final say.
7:48 pm
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shepard: the deadline is tonight for several of the biggest bail out companies to report to the pay czar. seven companies that are on life-support must reveal how much they plan to pay their top 25 executives. citigroup and bank of america are included in that group, including general motors and chrysler. taxpayers have invested $350 billion to keep the companies afloat. the question is, can the hand that feeds take away? brian wilson is in the dc news room. >> they can if they want to. if your company takes money from the government, the taxpayer has an interest in how you pay your people. if you pay them to much, you will hear screams of outrage. if you do not pay them enough,
7:52 pm
your top people could cut and run. >> you never want the government to get involved in setting compensation or describing terms. that is what the marketplace should do. >> today is the deadline for the seven companies that took bailout money to explain how they are going to compensate their most highly paid employees. they must explain it to this man, the so-called pay czar. he has the final say on what is fair and what is not. he might decide some employees are entitled to big paydays. >> i do not think the american people begrudge that people make big salaries as long as they are not jeopardize in the goodwill of the public in doing so. >> finding that balance is the
7:53 pm
task. feinberg has the final say. shepard: it is great to see. thanks. a woman set herself on fire, then starts walking around in the mall, screaming as shoppers -- here it is. look. florida, witnesses see a woman poured flammable liquid all over herself in a clothing store at the mall of america. >> the woman was not screaming. she was not asking for help. she was walking around the mall on fire. >> two men and women who try to put out the flames were hurt. a spokesman said they found the woman conscious in the parking lot with third degree burns over 75% of her body. no word on why she did it. arizona.
7:54 pm
a truck crashing into a mobile home in tucson. the woman living there is shaken up but ok. two people ran away. police found out why. more than 600 pounds of weed in the truck. texas. the newest addition to the giraffe population at the houston zoo. the baby boy was born monday. zookeeper's say they now have seven of these drafts and they are part of a "fox watch across america." >> fox what is brought to you by verizon wireless. shepard: struggling to quit smoking? they are giving it away in the teleprompter. i will not give it away. .  - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh!
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shepard: top stories are coming up. but, first, a british man has come up with an interesting way to quit cigarettes. spend a month on a deserted island. if you cannot buy smokes you won't be too tempted. plus, listen though this wind. you can never light a smoke in that. jeff spice. yes, that's his name, says there is another reason to be headed to the island. >> i wanted to go -- islands, i was going to stop smoking. i'm north going to be the most cheerful person in the world when i'm not smoking. i didn't want to have to have conversations with other people. i just want to quietly be miserable, give up smoking and get back to normal again. shepard: he didn't want to have conversations with other people. dealing with a camera crew is apparently no problem. good luck, jeff, maybe next time nic gum. president obama taking his case for the health care reform policy directly to the american people. hosting a town hall meeting in montana today.
7:59 pm
michael vick holding a news conference today with the coach of his new team the philadelphia eagles. vick knows he did terrible things running a dogfighting ring and he wants a second chance. and on this day in 1985, a singer named michael jackson secretly outbid his friend, paul mccartney for the publishing rights to nearly every beatle's song. the beatles, of course, have produced some of the best known and best selling music in pop history. the publishing rights to tul it all, highly lucrative. in the early '60's john lennon and mccartney split ownership of. the wishing bidder michael jackson at more than 47 million. it's worth many times than that now. mccarthy was lived because he told jackson to invest in music publishing. the king of pop got a ticket to ride 24 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, august the 14th, 2008. i'm shepard smith. make it a great


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